‘Stach offers you unique features to take your business forward:

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Real Time Customer Analysis

You can perform real customer analysis by measuring the instant feedback of customers visiting your firm.

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Customer Loss Analysis

You can prevent customer loss through negative feedback from existing customers.

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New Customer Acquisition

With positive feedback from existing customers, you gain new customers with no ads.

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Personnel Inspection System

You can monitor the data online from your company headquarters and receive instant or detailed reports at a specific time interval.

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Multi Channel Management

With multi-channel management, you can collect feedback from your business from different channels such as e-mail, SMS or web.

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Content Publishing

In addition to all these functions, a unique feature of ‘Stach is the ability to publish advertising, promotional or informative videos at the touch of a button during centralized management.

Corporate Feedback Management

While customer surveys enable you to collect valuable data from your customer base, they also reinforce perceptions that your organization truly cares about their thoughts and welcomes their feedback. In addition, you can obtain detailed analysis by crossing data from different channels.



Advanced Reporting and Analysis

You can instantly monitor all your data on one screen. ‘Stach reporting interfaces allow you to monitor the parameters you want to monitor instantly. You can analyze all of your business surveys on a single system without the need for any other software. You can examine parameters such as unit, personnel, location, date, time and location in reports.
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How ‘Stach Works?

Basically ‘Stach allows you to collect customer feedback or employee data via a tablet pc. It has no setup issues and it’s activated by just opening the tablet.

How Do I Analyse Data?

With ‘Stach, when you use the personnel inspection system, customer registration system or survey system, you can monitor the data online from your company headquarters and receive instant or detailed reports at a specific time interval.

Can I Do In-App Survey?

With ‘Stach api, you can collect common customer feedbacks in all processes you develop. You can integrate immediately through SAAS solutions or E-Commerce Sites.

System Setup Information

• ‘Stach software is installed within 14 days at the latest.
• Our team is always there to help you with the installation and how to use the system.
• As soon as the software is installed, you will receive feedback from your customers.
• You can place the tablets anywhere you want to get feedback.
• No wifi is required to collect feedback, but a wifi connection is required to view data analysis, reporting, and immediate feedback.

Information about Customer Satisfaction Survey

• While creating a survey, you can ask multiple choice questions, yes-no questions and satisfaction level questions as well as prepare data collection questions. You can request age, gender, phone or mail information to your survey and add the option where you heard us to see which marketing channel you use is most effective.
• Through our surveys, you can measure your Net Promoter Score. "Would you recommend us to others?" from 1 to 10 points. According to the answer to this question, your customer satisfaction level, loyalty and good way to others to promote your product or service is provided.
• The difference of ‘Stach surveys from normal surveys is that it provides dynamic data collection due to the intuitive interface in ‘Stach application and accurately analyzes these collected data.

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